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All tow companies that are used by the Anne Arundel County Police Department are independent businesses. Both the Anne Arundel County Police Department and the Anne Arundel County Department of Inspection and Permits regulate the companies. 


During weather related emergency conditions declared for the County by Anne Arundel County Police, a 25% surcharge may be added to the basic tow charge.
An administrative fee of $25.00 may be charged for those vehicles not claimed by the next business day following the tow.
All storage lots are required to be open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. until noon.
Winching does not include pulling a vehicle onto a rollback type tow truck.
Vehicle owners are permitted to remove personal items from their vehicles during regular business hours. No additional fees may be charged for this service. Personal items do not include anything attached to the vehicle such as radios, wheels or spare tires.
You may not abandon your vehicle at a county licensed tow facility. Leaving a vehicle at a tow facility for more than 10 days may constitute abandonment. Abandoning your vehicle may result in criminal and / or civil prosecution.

For questions, concerns or to report a violation contact the Anne Arundel County Police, Traffic Safety Section at (410) 222-8573.
Special services such as inside storage or covered storage are not regulated and are provided only upon the agreement of the vehicle owner / operator.
*** Police Officers do not quote or determine towing fees ***
*** Anne Arundel County reserves the right to change towing charges without notice. ***


Description Cost
Standard Tow $175.00
Heavy Tow  
GVW 10,000-14,000 $200.00
GVW 14,001-19,500 $250.00
Over 19,501 lbs Reasonable Market Rate
Road Service (change tire/wheel or jump start) $50.00
Winching (winching is in addition to Tow or Road Service Charges)  
Up to GVW 10,000 $25.00 per ¼ hour / 50.00 minimum
Over 10,000 GVW Reasonable Market Rate
Waiting time over 15 minutes $10.00 per ¼ hour
Extra equipment or Manpower Only (Upon the approval of a Police Officer) Reasonable Market Rate
Storage starting the first calendar day following the tow $25.00 per day AFTER the tow
For vehicles towed to the Police Department there is a surcharge  $3.00 per towed miles in excess of 5 miles
During weather related emergency conditions declared for the County by AACOPD A 25% surcharge may be added to the basic tow charge