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All requests must be in writing. The letter should explicitly state that a modification is being sought from the Floodplain Management Ordinance Article 16 (Section 1-202) or a Floodplain Boundary Line Revision is being sought under the following sections: Section 1-105(h) (revision to the delineation of the floodplain district); Section 1-303(b) (determination of detailed 100 year floodplain boundary for A-Zones (Approximated Floodplain).
Flood plain modifications are applied separately from any other modifications, and may not be included with other modifications.

In order to review your request for a modification and/or boundary line revision, the Office of Planning and Zoning requires a submittal package containing the items listed below. In order to process your request more quickly, please make sure that the packet is complete.

How to Request

  1. Clearly state the request(s). If there is more than one request, number them.
  2. A request letter must include:
    A. Name and address of property owner and/or applicant.
    B. Floodway/Flood Insurance Rate Map Number.
    C. Designated Flood Zone and Elevation of Floodplain.
    D. 200' Scale topo Map Number.
    E. Tax Map, Block and Parcel Numbers.
  3. All modifications must be in conjunction with either an ACTIVE subdivision currently in process, or with an active building or grading permit. The subdivision/project number, and/or the building/grading permit number must be shown.
  4. The Modification Request Packet shall include:
    A. Request Letter as well as a Modification Application Form .
    B. Vicinity Map.
    C. Topo Map at scale of 200'/inch showing the size and shape of the proposed structure(s) and location within the lot where structure is to be constructed. It shall show the elevations of the lowest floor levels (including basement) and the 100 year flood plain elevation.
    D. Eight (8) copies of a technical study which shall include: 
    (1) determination that the modification request will not result in increased flood heights, threats to public safety, etc.;
    (2) A showing of good and sufficient cause;
    (3) Evidence that failure to grant the requested Modification will result in exceptional hardship; and
    (4) A showing that the modifications are the minimum necessary to afford relief.
    E. Written acknowledgment that an increased premium rate for flood insurance may occur as a result of any construction at or below the 100 year flood level.
    F. After initial review additional information and/or engineering plans may be required.
  5. Boundary Line Revision packet shall include:
    A. Request Letter
    B. Vicinity Map
    C. A certified engineering study with supporting hydrologic and hydraulic data justifying the proposed boundary line revision
  6. Include:
    A. Eight (8) sets of modification request and/or Boundary Line Revision packets.


Fee: $250.00 - effective May 12, 2005 (can be combined into one letter - except as noted above) for new subdivisions or permits being reviewed under the NEW subdivision regulations - for those subdivisions and permits applied for prior to April 4, 2005 - $100.00 fee applies as they are being reviewed under the old subdivision regulations.

Additional Info

To make an appointment for submittal of the floodplain modification. It is helpful to have reviewed the proposed modification with a staff person prior to actual submittal.
If you have any additional information which you feel would help the reviewing agencies process your request, please enclose copies for our consideration.
To all applicants for MODIFICATION(S) to the Floodplain Management Ordinance: Should a waiver be granted the waiver DOES NOT exempt the property from the insurance requirement. Furthermore, the modification may result in an increased insurance premium as high as $25 per $100 coverage.
Public Hearings required if floodplain modification request comes under provisions of Council Bill #53-01. Contact the Team Engineer for more information.