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Not My Child is focused on providing awareness by providing the facts of abuse of prescription drugs and the escalation of heroin use in our communities. The Not My Child discussion taking place in our communities provides an open, honest conversation regarding the use of drugs by children and adults in every community, the issue does not discriminate.
Not My Child is a collaborative effort supported by multiple county agencies, non-profits and community members working together to educate parents, families and communities on the impact of addiction on the individual, family and community. 

The "Not My Child" program is created, supported and facilitated by County Executive’s Office of Constituent Services.

Addiction Resource Guide

The ‘Not My Child’ Resource Guide is comprehensive resource for residents suffering from addiction. The resource guide lists treatment providers throughout the county that provide the necessary services to help citizens suffering from addiction. Along with the name of each provider, the guide lists contact information for the organization, as well as a list of treatment services offered. 

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Request Presentation

Contact Director of the Office Constituent Services Nancy Schrum to request the "Not My Child" community outreach presentation for your organization or school. 

Nancy Schrum



Office of Constituent Services
(410) 222-1821