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Bell Branch Park

Bell Branch Park

Amenities and Facilities

Icon: Baseball IconBaseball Fields (3 total) (2 Lighing)
Icon: Multipurpose IconMultipurpose Fields (5 total)  (2 Lighting)
Paved Trail - 0.5870 miles (estimate only)
Icon: Dog Park IconDog Park
Icon: Playground IconPlayground
Icon: Picnic IconPicnic Area
Image: Pavilion IconPavilion (FEE/PERMIT ONLY)
Icon: Concession IconConcession Stand (open seasonally)
Image: Restroom IconRestrooms (portable/open seasonally)
Parking Lots
Follow Route 3 to Route 424 South (Davidsonville Road). Drive past the Route 450 intersection. Fields are about 100 yards after the Route 450 intersection, on the right. 
Bell Branch Park

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