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Tree Trimming in Mayo Peninsula

November 1, 2017 


Current Update

Tree trimming on the side roads will continue for the next four weeks depending on the weather.


On Saturday, October 28, 2017, all the lane closure tree work was completed. Work requiring closure of one traffic lane (permit requested from the State Highway Department)

  • From 8th Ave to River Road approximately .2 miles of lane closer.
  • From the corner of Shoreham Beach Road south to Collision Road approximately .3 miles of lane closer.
  • From Shesley Road south to Beverly Beach Avenue approximately .6 miles of lane closer.
  • Totaling 1.1 miles of lane closer total to be completed on October 28, 2017

For questions regarding this work, please contact Matt Glinecki at


Tree Trimming as of October 17, 2017

BGE Tree Trimming


Tree Trimming after October 30, 2017

BGE Tree Trimming