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Mayo Peninsula

The Office of Planning and Zoning will be updating Anne Arundel County’s General Development Plan. Learn more about the GDP, the update process, and how you can be involved!
South River Farm Park
Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks, work alongside the community to identify site opportunities, and define a vision for parks in the Mayo area.
Peninsulas present unique challenges because they have one road in and one road out. This can present problems for commuters as well as emergency vehicles when the access road is blocked.
Mayo Peninsula Development
The Mayo Peninsula has been under a building moratorium since 2008 pending upgrades to the wastewater treatment system. We have all of the background and facts about how this effects citizens.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When the building moratorium is lifted, how much development can we expect?
    The Office of Planning and Zoning has determined that the total buildout for the Mayo service area is about 630 residential units over many years. When the Mayo moratorium is actually lifted, there are about 45 to 50 units that have previously been approved and can proceed to completion. Previous reports of 1,400 units being allowable were incorrectly reported in the newspaper.
  • The roadways are congested with traffic. What is the county doing about it?
    A capital project is currently underway to add turn lanes and intersection improvements at MD 214 Central Avenue and MD 468 Muddy Creek Road. These are highways administered by the State of the Maryland that the County forward-funded because of an important need for relief. This project is not intended as a permanent fix to all traffic problems but should make a difference. It should be completed by fall 2017
  • What other roadway improvements are planned?
    A study of major intersections and important facilities was completed in June 2016. It calls for the following improvements in the Mayo area:
    • Finalize MD 468/MD214 intersection improvements
    • Work with SHA to complete design and construct MD 214 sidewalk near South River High School 
    • Complete a traffic study recommended by citizen input and update traffic projections for the next 20 years
    • Lobby the State for improvements to MD 214 east of MD 468
    • Work with public safety/emergency response on incident management
    • Investigate short term funding potential for spot improvements
    • Work with community to determine priorities and address the higher priorities first when possible
  • Is expansion of Beverly Triton Beach a done deal? Where is the community input?
    No, there is ample time and opportunity for public input before any park improvements are made. The Department of Recreation and Parks continues to work with community representatives, including members of the Mayo Parks Planning Committee. We are also accepting feedback from individuals. Click here to submit your comment. You can also find preliminary planning documents.
  • What has the county executive done to engage citizens and encourage citizen input?
    The county executive has been listening to citizens of the Mayo peninsula. In the summer of 2016, he organized a public meeting and patiently discussed issues of traffic, development and public safety for two hours. He personally fielded comments from the audience while County staff took detailed notes for response after the meeting. The county executive has directed departments to address the issues raised by residents and continues to work to fight overdevelopment countywide.
  • People keep saying Beverly Triton Beach will be as big as Quiet Waters Park. Is that true?
    No. The current plan calls for low-scale improvements for that park in 2019 including: better parking facilities, a picnic pavilion, playground, bathrooms with running water, and trail improvements. Conceptual designs are available and will be updated as the planning phase continues. This project will be nowhere near the scale of Quiet Waters Park. There is also currently no funding allocated for capital improvements to Loch Haven Park, South River Farm Park, the future Mayo WRF Park or Mayo Beach Park in the County’s six-year capital plan.
  • Is there a crime problem at Beverly Triton Beach Park?
    The Police Department reports very few disturbances at the park. There is a full time ranger assigned to the Mayo parks who lives in a house at Beverly Triton Beach Park as a result of citizen requests. The ranger is there to enforce park rules. However, she does not have arrest powers. Rangers can write civil citations for issues such as illegal parking and dogs off leash. If you see suspicious activities, call 9-1-1.
  • Is there any environmental benefit to sewage upgrades completed during the building moratorium?
    Yes. The moratorium was imposed because the wastewater treatment plant was operating at capacity. The moratorium is automatically lifted when a project re-routing sewage to the Annapolis treatment facility is complete. There are two major environmental benefits: First, the sewage is treated using dramatically improved technology to remove pollutants more effectively. Secondly, more than 550,000 gallons a day of treated sewage will no longer discharge into the Rhode and West rivers.
  • Will improvements to Beverly Triton Beach Park going to harm the environment?
    No. In fact, the project to improve the park will include environmental improvements the community has been requesting for some time. Opponents say the construction will accelerate erosion and endanger wildlife such as bald eagles. In fact, shoreline erosion will be evaluated as part of the project's design phase. The County will work with the Sierra Club, the South River Federation and the Riverkeeper, among others, to ensure the area remains wildlife friendly.
  • I am concerned about emergency response on a road that is one lane in and one lane out. What are you doing about fire and emergency medical services?
    The County is conducting an analysis of fire and medical response on the Mayo peninsula. In 2015 the fire department commissioned a study of deployment, and implemented the top recommendation to add a firefighter to the Woodland Beach station. A new study is underway to analyze and improve response times. The response study is expected provide preliminary recommendations to the County Executive in early summer.
  • What information do we have about the current capacity of the Aquia Aquifer?
    The Maryland Geological Survey has been contracted to perform a study on the existing private wells that have been drilled to a certain depth into the Aquia Aquifer. With the completion of the study, County officials would be able to identify appropriate management strategies to guide future use of the groundwater resources for potable water supply in the area.