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Transportation Functional Master Plan (TFMP)


The Why

Anne Arundel County’s 2009 General Development Plan (GDP) recommended preparation of a “Transportation Functional Master Plan” (TFMP) to augment findings and recommendations included in the GDP.

The GDP noted that the proposed land use plan coupled with the County’s location adjacent to two metropolitan areas, the Chesapeake Bay and containing a cluster of major State and Federal facilities created a heavy travel demand for our principle highway facilities. 

Visions and Goals

The Transportation Functional Master Plan will integrate 5 component studies and recommend improvements to the County’s transportation network to enhance mobility and accessibility within local and state fiscal constraints

The goal of the TFMP shall be to comprehensively Identify * Analyze * Understand the relationship between land use patterns and the mobility and accessibility constraints and opportunities within the County.  


Public involvement

Transportation Commission Meeting
 TFMP presentation and discussion with Sabra Wang and Associates.
Transportation Functional Master Plan Open Houses
Tell us your vision of transportation in Anne Arundel County. Open Houses are scheduled from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Transportation Calendar

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