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Adult Softball - Bachman Sports Complex

570 E Ordnance Road, Glen Burnie, MD 21060

  • Team Registration 

    Participants must be 18 years old in order to participate in this league.

    Sports Supervisor:Baer Chandler (410) 222-0017
    Team Registration:Adult League:   Team registrations and payment are due March 17, 2017
    Team Registration Fee:SPRING LEAGUES - Adult Softball -  2017 Online Registration begins February 6 - March 17, 2017
          In-County: $785.00 per team (11 weeks/22 games) 
          Out of County: $900.00 per team (includes out of county fee)
     SPRING LEAGUES - Senior Softball -   2017 Online Registration begins February 6 - March 17, 2017. 
    Senior Leagues are:  Tuesday Over 60 (must be 55 to play), Tuesday Over 65 (must be 60 to play) and Wednesday Over 50 (must be 45 to play)
          In-County:  $1285.00 per team (18 weeks/36 games)
          Out of County:  $1400.00 per team (includes out of county fee)
    Late Registration:March 18, 2017  thru March 24, 2017 (Late fee of $25 will be accessed to all payments and registrations received after March 17, 2017)
    On Line Registration:Click here to Register Online
     Team Registration Form
    Season Start Date: Week of April 7, 2017
    Umpire Fees: $14.50 per team/per game / $29 per team for a double header. Cash only to be paid on the field prior to the start of each game.
    Related Information:

    In-County Team - A team that has at least 51% of its playing roster residing in Anne Arundel County.
    Out-of-County Team - Teams from outside of Anne Arundel County or playing rosters with less than 51% A.A. County residents will be accessed an additional fee of $110.
     The Bachman Sports Complex accepts registrations for teams not individuals.  If you are an individual looking to join a team, please refer to the schedules.  The schedules are posted one (1) week prior to the start of the season and contain the names and phone numbers of the coaches.  
  • Rules & Information
    Bachman Sports Complex League Information
             USSSA Stamped Bats are approved for these leagues only.   Click here for the approved list.
  • Spring 2017 Schedules
    Men's DOver 60Men's DMen's D/ECo-Ed
    Men's EOver 65Men's EMen's E 1Men's E 1
    Co-Ed Over 50Men's E 2Men's E 2
      Men's Open Men's Open
  • Fall 2017 Schedules
    Men's D/E Men's D/EMen's E1Men's E1
    Men's E  Men's E2Men's E2
    Co-Ed   Co-Ed