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Parks & Trails

Enjoy the natural beauty of Anne Arundel County by visiting a park or trail. The Parks Division provides a comprehensive system of recreational facilities with approximately 7,160 acres of recreation land and another 9,900 acres of natural resource land.


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Parks and Trails

  • Anne Arundel County Trails
    Anne Arundel County Trails are paved or hard surface trails and are designated primarily for recreation although locally they also serve as alternative modes of transportation.
  • Regional Parks
    Regional parks provide a wide variety of recreation opportunities including sports, picnic areas, water access, and trails. Anne Arundel County’s four regional parks are are focused on “passive” recreation, with sports and athletic facilities located at community parks and sports complexes.
  • Community and Neighborhood Parks
    Community and neighborhood parks serve similar functions, with community parks generally serving larger areas than neighborhood parks. Community parks are located throughout the County.
  • Gated Parks
    Homeport Farm Park, Magothy Greenway Natural Area at Loopers Field, Jack Creek Park, Spriggs Farm Park and Wooton's Landing Park are community gated parks with a combination lock.
  • Natural Areas and Historic Sites
  • Water Accessibility
    Anne Arundel County parks offers shoreline access (developed and undeveloped) for water activities such as; cartop canoe and kayak launch sites, fishing, boat ramp, boat rental, dog beach and swimming.

    Water Accessibility