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Solley Road @ Chestnut Spring Lane Public Meeting
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TFP – Waugh Chapel Road

Project Background:

The scope of this project is for a planning-level study only with concept-level plans. However, a capital project may be initiated in the future to implement the recommendations of the study if deemed justified by the County.

We are proposing to upgrade conditions along Waugh Chapel Road from Maytime Drive to New Market Lane to improve travel conditions for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Lane use at several intersections is recommended to be changed to accommodate future traffic demand, but the existing through travel lanes will remain. Assessments are being considered incorporating planned roadways tied to developer projects to evaluate future travel patterns in the vicinity.

Public Input Requested for Waugh Chapel Road Corridor Study (Contract No. H539611)

Those who will be affected by this project include local property owners, residents, business owners and consumers, commuters, and tourists. Local walking and bicycling advocacy groups, homeowners’ associations, environmental advocacy groups, and those associated with local business entities will have potential interest.
Project Manager:
Adam Greenstein
(410) 224-1260
Project Investment:
Notice to Proceed:
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Project Updates:
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