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New Lake Shore Fire Station

Project Background:
New Lake Shore Fire Station is being built at 4642 Mountain Road in Pasadena to replace existing Lake Shore Fire Station that has outlived its useful life and provide timely fire service to the east side of Mountain Road.  Project design is consistent with recently constructed stations.  
  • Upgrades/Updates Facility and Increases response time
  • Includes space for Volunteer Fire personnel
  • Provides fire service for the east side of Mountain road in timely fashion.
  • Three drive-thru bays
  • Upgraded medical and fire apparatus
Project Manager:
Rajan Nigam

Design Consultant: Bignell, Watkins, Hasser

Contractors: H & H Contractors

Project Investment:
$6.8 million
Notice to Proceed:
Completion Date:
January 2018
Project Updates:

Update September 2016

Construction will begin in early October 2016.  There may be temporary road closure during construction equipment entering or leaving the work site. There will be a traffic control during the work on the shoulder.

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