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Monterey Avenue Sidewalk Improvements - Project No.: H478800

Project Background:

Currently, Monterey Avenue is a paved street servicing approximately 80 dwellings.  The walking strip is mainly used by students/parents traveling to/from Odenton Elementary School.  Over time, community concerns have been raised regarding pedestrian accessibility/refuge (lack of sidewalk), and stormwater conveyance.  


This work addresses community concerns to improve pedestrian access and sidewalks along Monterey Avenue between Odenton Road and June Drive.  This project will also address stormwater issues such as ponding/icing in certain locations.  

Project Manager:
Dennis Fretz
Project Investment:
Notice to Proceed:
Completion Date:
Project Updates:

Update 10/30/16

Vote for Preferred Option

Monterey Avenue residents have received letters from DPW asking to review the sidewalk improvement options below and email Project Manager Dennis Fretz with your preferred option.  Map links are provided to help in your selection.  Please submit your vote by November 18, 2016 and include your:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email Address

Option 3 (Map Link)

West Side:  Curb Only.  Roadway Width (Residential Standard = 28 feet)

East Side:  Curb and Gutter: 2' Grass Strip; 5' Walk

Option 5 (Map Link)

West Side: Curb Only.  Roadway Width (Residential Street = 26 feet)

East Side:  Curb and Gutter: 2' Grass Strip; 5' Walk

Option 7 (Map Link)

West Side: Curb and Gutter; 5 Foot Sidewalk; between June Drive and Tab Street.  Roadway Width (Residential Standard = 26 or 28')

East Side:  Curb and Gutter; 2' Grass Strip; 5' Walk.

Option - No Build

This option would be to not proceed with any sidewalk improvement work.  

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