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MD 214 and MD 468 Improvements

Project Background:
The Rt. 214/468 crossroad sees large volumes of traffic passing to access the southeast part of the county, specifically the Mayo peninsula and south. Likewise, a large volume of rush hour vehicles access this part of the county. This project will improve the intersection, provide a satisfactory level of service and limit impacts to property and environment. The work will be completed in two phases.
  • Improve the level of service and safety of a currently “failed” intersection
  • Improve traffic signaling
  • Phase 1 Planned improvements:
    • Rt/thru turn lane for EB MD 214 to SB MD468
    • Two left turn lanes for NB MD 468 to WB MD 214
    • One right turn lane from NB MD 468 to EB MD 214
    • One left turn lane from WB MD 214 to SB MD 468
  • Phase 2 Planned improvements
    • Continuous additional EB lane on MD 214
    • Extend merge lane for NB MD 468 to EB MD 214
Project Manager:
Kathy Sharp
(410) 222-7582
Project Investment:
$6.8 Million
Notice to Proceed:
July 2014
Completion Date:
November 2017
Project Updates:

Update October 2017

Work west of MD 468 is complete.  Prep work for surface paving will be complete by Oct. 20.  Barriers will be removed, existing surface east of MD 468 will be milled, and new asphalt placed at night, during the week of Oct. 23.  Signage, pavement marking and cleanup to follow.


Update July 2017

Work west of MD 468 is complete. Slope repair on the north side of  MD 214 (WB) will take place at night beginning July 16, and will last one week. Work on the east side of MD 468 begins July 24, 2017.

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