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MD 214 and MD 468 Improvements

Project Background:
The Rt. 214/468 crossroad sees large volumes of traffic passing to access the southeast part of the county, specifically the Mayo peninsula and south. Likewise, a large volume of rush hour vehicles access this part of the county. This project will improve the intersection, provide a satisfactory level of service and limit impacts to property and environment. The work will be completed in two phases.
  • Improve the level of service and safety of a currently “failed” intersection
  • Improve traffic signaling
  • Phase 1 Planned improvements:
    • Rt/thru turn lane for EB MD 214 to SB MD468
    • Two left turn lanes for NB MD 468 to WB MD 214
    • One right turn lane from NB MD 468 to EB MD 214
    • One left turn lane from WB MD 214 to SB MD 468
  • Phase 2 Planned improvements
    • Continuous additional EB lane on MD 214
    • Extend merge lane for NB MD 468 to EB MD 214
Project Manager:
Kathy Sharp
(410) 222-7582
Project Investment:
$6.8 Million
Notice to Proceed:
July 2014
Completion Date:
September 2017
Project Updates:

Update April 2017

Work west of MD 468 is complete.  Work on the east side will begin July 2017. There will be no work in the interim.

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