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Cape Saint Claire Road Widening and Water Transmission Main

Project Background:

The Cape St. Claire Road widening is a Highway Safety Improvement project. The segment of road is narrow and has no shoulders. The emergency response vehicles based out of the Cape St. Claire Fire Station have difficulty passing. There is limited sight distance for drivers entering the roadway and minimal pedestrian access.

Currently water services is not available for the Fire Station, shopping center or the residences between Saint Claire Court and the shopping center. 


This widening project will improve the ability for emergency response vehicles to travel through this roadway segment and improve sight distances at driveways and intersections. 

The added curb and gutter will improve drainage both within the roadway and on adjacent properties. There will be a new sidewalk on the east side and a hiker-biker trail on the west side for improved pedestrian access. A Step Pool Conveyance System will treat storm water runoff. 

The new 12-inch water main will extend from Saint Claire Court to the center entrance of the shopping center. Connections for individual residences will be brought to the property line, and residents will be given the opportunity to connect, at their convenience. Connection will also be brought to the property line for the shopping center.

Project Manager:
Kathy Sharp
Project Investment:
$5.9 million
Notice to Proceed:
Design - 2005; Construction - March 2014;
Completion Date:
Spring 2016
Project Updates:
  • Begin work in road, Phase 1 (SB lane) July 14, 2014
  • Continue work, Phase 2 (NB lane) - January 2016
    • Start at south end of NB lane, working north
    • Work to include storm drain, curb and gutter, sidewalk.
    • Storm Drain on west side between Walnut Ridge Drive and Saint Claire Court.
    • Water valve vaults at sourth end.
    • Additionally, pave Hiker/Biker Trail on west side.

Step Pool (stormwater treatment) - February 2016

Upgrade signal at Fire Station - March 2016

Relocate Guardhouse - April 2016

Final Paving, Striping south of Fire Dept. - May 2016

Landscaping - May 2016

Estimate Completion - Spring 2016

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