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Winter Outlook

2016-2017 Winter Outlook:

The winter season runs from December 21, 2016 through March 19, 2017. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center La Nina is expected to influence this 2016-2017 winter season with conditions wetter and cooler in northern United States and drier and warmer in the southern United States.
  • Where should I go to find out what is happening locally?
    When winter weather is forecast, it is important for residents and business owners to monitor the situation and act proactively to protect themselves, their family and their property.  Local officials have a variety of ways to get information to the public. Turn into the radio/TV stations.
  • Get Involved
    For more information on a volunteer opportunity please contact Melissa Serich at or (410) 222-0609 
  • What is the difference between a Warning, Watch, and Advisory?
    • Winter Storm Warning – Snow, sleet, or ice is expected.
    • Winter Storm Watch – Snow, sleet, or ice is possible.
    • Winter Weather Advisory – Wintry weather is expected.
  • Common Winter Storm Terminology
    • Black Ice: A thin coating of ice found on roads and sidewalks that is difficult to see 
    • Nor’easter: Winds blow from the northeast direction, this often brings heavy snow and very strong winds
    • Sleet: A mixture of snow and rain
    • Flurries: Very light snowfall 
    • Frost: A thin layer of ice crystals that form on a frozen surface like grass or a car  
    • Blizzard: A combination of blowing snow and wind resulting in very low visibilities. While heavy snowfalls and severe cold often accompany blizzards 
    • Wind Chill: Bitter cold air that makes the temperature feel much colder than the thermometer reads 
    • Passable: Where one travel lane is accessible with front-wheel drive cars
    • Bare Pavement: Where the snowed has been plowed and the pavement is exposed
    • Winter Storm Watch: Potential for significant and hazardous winter   weather within 48 hours
    • Winter Storm Warning: A significant combination of hazardous winter weather is occurring or imminent. 
    • Winter Storm Advisory: When 2 to 4 inches of snow, alone or in combination with sleet and freezing rain, is expected to cause a significant inconvenience