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Fire Department Vision & Mission

Public Safety Core Group Vision

Our vision is that Anne Arundel County will be the safest large jurisdiction in Maryland; that our citizens will be protected from criminals, fires, medical emergencies and disasters of all types, both natural and man-made; that our citizens will be supported if they are victims of crime, emergencies or disasters; and that we will assist other jurisdictions in their efforts to improve public safety.


Mission of the Fire Department

Our mission is to:

  • Stand ready as an all-hazards organization to assure the safety of our communities
  • Respond to calls for service for fires, medical and other emergencies
  • Promote fire prevention strategies and life safety programs
  • Enforce fire code compliance to ensure that buildings and properties are safe
  • Assure that all fire fighting and emergency response equipment, apparatus and facilities are up-to-date and well maintained, and
  • Assure that fire service and medical response personnel are well-trained and physically fit.