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Severe Weather Animal Alert Information

In accordance with the law, when the County Executive declares a severe weather animal emergency, dogs left outside unattended must be provided the following:

  • Fresh clean drinkable non-frozen water at all times  (§ 12-4-802 & § 12-4-809 )
  • Dog flaps/doors must be affixed to dog houses (and dogs must be trained/able to use the house with the flap)  (§ 12-4-809 )
  • Dog house entrances must be oriented away from prevailing winds  (§ 12-4-809 )
  • Dog houses must be elevated off the ground (at least 2 inches and above any accumulated precipitation) (§ 12-4-809 )
  • Dog houses must have abundant dry bedding available inside (§ 12-4-809 )
  • Dog houses must protect an animal against the weather (§ 12-4-801, § 12-4-809 and MD Criminal Law § 10-604. Abuse or neglect of animal).  A dog house, shed, garage or other large area that has temperatures that reach below 33 degrees Fahrenheit inside is too large to allow a dog to maintain adequate body temperature to sustain life will be considered insufficient .

It is the opinion of Anne Arundel County Animal Control that if the temperature or wind chills are expected to be at or below 20 degrees Fahrenheit all dogs should be brought indoors to an area that will not reach below 33 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Failure to comply with the aforementioned requirements may result in civil citation (Class D offense with fines ranging from $125.00-$1,000.00 see § 9-2-101 Civil Offenses and Fines), removal of the animal (§ 12-4-501 or  MD Criminal Law § 10-615. Care of mistreated animal) and/or Criminal Prosecution depending on the conditions found (MD Criminal Law § 10-604. Abuse or neglect of animal or § 10-623 Leaving dogs outside and unattended by use of restraints).  


Severe Weather Animal Alert Information