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Boat Ramp Location Study

     View Boat Ramp StudyAnne  Arundel  County has an initiative to increase public access to local waterways throughout the County. As part of this initiative, the Department of Public Works in collaboration with the Department of Recreation and Parks, contracted BayLand Consultants & Designers, Inc. to evaluate the feasibility of additional boat launch facilities.
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Due to the volume of comments received on this topic, the County cannot respond to individual comments or questions. All comments and questions will be reviewed by County Officials, and the Water Access Commission, and the comments and questions will be recorded as part of the public record. Thank you for taking the time to participate. Your input is critical to the decision making process.

Please note any comments on the Boat Ramp Feasibility Study not sent to this website cannot be retrieved and recorded. Comments sent to other parties and/or emails cannot be reviewed by County staff and will not appear on website. Please submit comments on the form provided. Thank you.


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