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Installing Rain Gardens to Reduce Runoff
Pothole Repair
Pothole Repair
Fix a Leak Week
Fix A Leak
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Comcast Local Edition - Rich Bowen
Image: Comcast Local Edition

Recycling Video Contest

Image: Recycling Video Contest
Recycling at our Parks - Downs Park
Parks Recycle

Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works and the Department of Recreation and Parks team up to Recycle, More, Often. Tracie Reynolds reports for Anne Arundel County Week in Review.

Greek Festival

A local church works with Anne Arundel County to Recycle, More, Often.

Image: Greek Festival
50/50 Challenge

Anne Arundel County Week in Review updates residents on County Executive John R. Leopold's 50/50 Recycling Challenge.

Image: 50/50 Challenge

Buried Forever

Most Anne Arundel County residents recycle, but our landfill still contains numerous recyclables that can never be recovered. Take a look at what recyclable materials will be buried forever if we don't recycle more of our household items.

Image: Buried Forever

Preventing Sewage Spills

Anne Arundel County works every day to provide quality service and protect the environment. The Department of Public Works responds quickly to sewage spills. Take a look at how we respond, and how you can help prevent spills.

Image: Preventing Sewage Spills
Recycling on Newsmakers

Jim Pittman of Waste Management Services sits down with Tony Hill of Comcast to promote recycling. Take a look at what you can do to "Recycle. More. Often."

Image: Comcast Newsmaker
Finding recyclables in your home

Anne Arundel County residents are recycling savvy. But many who already recycle do not always know every item they can drop in the recycling bin. Take a look at a tour through an Annapolis home hunting for recyclables.

Image: Green Show

Career Day

Public Works forces mobilize to Crofton Meadows Elementary School to show off the latest gadgets and heavy machinery used to keep the sewer system functioning properly. Take a look at what the students saw.

Image: Career Day

Students celebrate Earth Day with tree planting


More than 200 students from Anne Arundel County Public Schools participated in this Earth Day event to complete a stream restoration. Take a look at the process of turning a eroded stream into a renewed ecosystem that filters pollutants before they reach the Chesapeake Bay.

Image: Earthday Video

Take the 50/50 challenge

About half of the trash that goes into the county's landfill is paper. Find out what items are commonly left out of our curbside recycling, and help the push to increase our recycling rate to 50 percent.

Image: 50-50 Cover
Director for a day

Southern High School student Latisha Russell got a chance to spent the day with Department of Public Works Director Ron Bowen. Take a look at what she learned.

Image: Student Cover
Leopold pledges better recycling

Anne Arundel County is committed to increasing residential and commercial recycling. Take a look at this interview between County Executive John Leopold and former Recycling Manager Tracie Reynolds.

Image: Recycling Interview
"Recycle. More. Often."

Anne Arundel County residents already recycle, but we can do better. Take a look at our new commercial encouraging everyone to "Recycle. More. Often."

Image: Recycle


Inside Recycling

Anne Arundel County is committed to using the latest technology to increase recycling. Take a look inside the process of separating and recycling household items.

Image: Inside Recycling

Inmates labor ... and recycle

Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold has expanded the inmate litter pickup program to weekends and mandated removal of illegal signs on roadways. Take a look at how the program is working.

Image: Inmate Cover

What Happens When You Flush?

This video examines the wastewater treatment process in Anne Arundel County, where plants meet or exceed standards for pollutant removal. Take a look at how it works, and how you can contribute to a healthy environment.

Image: Wastewater Cover
Snow Info to Keep You on the Go

Whenever severe weather attacks, Anne Arundel County has a rapid response system to keep you moving. Take a look at how we respond and how you can contact us if there is a problem.

Image: Snow Video 2007
Ready for Snow

A lot of preparation goes into getting County forces ready for snow and ice. Take a look at how we prepare the fleet and news from the Bureau of Highways about responding to winter weather.

Image: Ready for Snow?
Upgrading Your Street

Road resurfacing is a simple process that leads to lots of confusion by residents who think they are getting a gravel road. Take a look at a step-by-step review of the process that turns your failing road into a smooth new product.

Image: Road Resurfacing
Recycling Kickoff

County Executive John R. Leopold has set high goals for the County's recycling program. Take a look at the news conference held to announce a new recycling campaign, and remember to "Recycle. More. Often."

Image: Recycle

Employee Spotlight

Meet Walter Schultheis III, a 14-year veteran of Anne Arundel County snow removal. Take a look at what it takes for a snow plow to win "Best in Fleet."

Image: Employee Cover
"Re-Leaf" from Leaves 
Image: Re-Leaf
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