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Teens In Partnership (TIP) created a PSA to increase the awareness of underage drinking. The members participated in the entire process of making the PSA. The PSA will be shown at the Annapolis Mall Bow Tie Cinema for 8 weeks and will be shown over 4,000 times to over 150,000 people. Watch the video >

Teens In Partnership (TIP) is a youth advisory board consisting of students grades 8-12 who live in Anne Arundel County and are committed to making a difference in our community concerning the issues of underage drinking and substance abuse.

The mission of the Teens in Partnership Youth Advisory Board is to encourage our peers to choose drug free lives by providing education on the effects of alcohol and drug abuse, promoting drug-free alternatives and acting as a resource for teens seeking assistance with related issues.

The TIP Youth Advisory Board meets monthly to develop and implement ideas to further our mission.

Another project we are currently working on is this website. We have included local resources relating to alcohol and substance abuse prevention and treatment, an open forum where teens can ask anonymous questions to a professional drug and alcohol counselor and links to cool websites. This website is a work in progress and although it is still under construction we hope that visitors will keep checking back to see what's new! Feel free to email us. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

And remember, it's your choice - CHOOSE TO BE DRUG FREE!


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