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Triad is a nationally recognized grassroots program established in 1988 to promote a three-way commitment among county police departments, sheriff’s offices, and older citizens to work together to reduce criminal victimization and enhance the delivery of law enforcement services to senior citizens.  Triads work to improve the quality of life and provide an opportunity for the exchange of information between public safety providers and recipients. The Triad concept of public safety receives support from the National Sheriff’s Association, the International of Association of Chiefs of Police, and the American Association of Retired Persons.

National Sheriffs’ Association

International Association of Chiefs of Police

American Association of Retired Persons
Image: TRIAD Group Photo
April 5, 2007 – County Executive John R. Leopold  oversees the re-signing of the TRIAD Plus Joint Resolution; renewing commitment to county seniors
In 1994 Anne Arundel County established TRIAD Plus. The County broadened the TRIAD concept to include Fire Departments and States Attorney’s Office in addition to Police, Sheriffs and Older Citizens.  TRIAD Plus is committed to enhancing the quality of life of older persons by remaining dedicated and focused on efforts to reduce criminal victimization and a renewed sense of responsibility for our seniors general well being. 
The following agencies are members of TRIAD Plus.

Annapolis City Fire Department
Annapolis City Police Department
Anne Arundel County Department of Aging & Disabilities
Anne Arundel County Fire Department
Anne Arundel County Police Department
Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office
Anne Arundel County State’s Attorneys Office
Crofton Police Department

S.A.L.T. Council
TRIAD Plus is led by an advisory council composed of TRIAD Plus representatives, leaders of the senior community, and organizations familiar with senior issues. The advisory council is referred to as S.A.L.T. (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together).  The S.A.L.T. Council works in concert to exchange information, keep abreast of mutual concerns, and disseminate information relative to the safety of our seniors.
Safety Information for Seniors
Crime Prevention

Fire Safety

Emergency Management

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