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Summons Services

Image: Deputies
The Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office serves all types of civil process. Each year the Sheriff’s Office serves approximately 60,000 summonses, subpoena, wage garnishments, show cause orders, papers in divorce proceedings, and various other types of court related documents.

Any party requesting the Sheriff’s Office to attempt service of their legal process shall send two copies of the document, along with any supportive documentation, as well as the last known address of the person to be served to: Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office ATTN: Civil Process P.O. Box 507 Annapolis, MD 21404

The Sheriff’s Office charges $40 service fee per document per person to be served from within Maryland, and $60 for each document sent from out-of-state. Questions regarding the service of process may be directed to (410) 222-1189 during normal business hours.

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