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Child Support

In July 1995 the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office established a Domestic Relations Program to serve and execute the myriad legal processes emanating from child support proceedings. The Domestic Relations Unit of the Sheriff’s Office is the enforcement arm of the Office of Child Support Enforcement for Anne Arundel County.

The unit has a three-pronged focus. The first is the service of summons for domestic relations court, wage and bank account garnishments, and similar legal process. The second is to provide security and transportation of inmates. The other priority for deputies assigned to this unit is the apprehension of individuals wanted on outstanding warrants emanating from child support. These types of court orders typically originate when a respondent in a child support case fails to appear at a court hearing after receiving a summons. In an average year, the unit collectively serves over 2,000 summonses and executes approximately 800 warrants/body attachments. The unit is composed of seven deputies and one lieutenant and is partially funded by a Federal grant.

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