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Anne Arundel Community College Police Academy

Students graduating from the Anne Arundel Community College Police Academy must have earned enough core course credits to be eligible to be certified by the Maryland Police Corrections and Training Commissions (MPCTC). Upon completion of the AACC Police Academy graduates should send their complete course syllabus, transcript and certificate of completion to the MPCTC along with a letter requesting the MPCTC acknowledge that the applicant is eligible to be certified as a law enforcement officer and/or list what supplement courses may be required to become eligible. Once a letter of eligibility is received from the MPCTC, the candidate can complete an application for Lateral Deputy Sheriff. Students are not eligible to apply for Lateral Deputy Sheriff until completion of the Anne Arundel Community Police Academy and all MPCTC objectives are met and awarded, and a letter of eligibility from MPCTC is received. Note: MPCTC Substance Abuse Regulations include, but are not limited to, the following mandates regarding an applicant's use of controlled dangerous substances:
Type of CDSMTCTC Requirements
LSDNo Use Allowed
HeroinNo Use Allowed
PCPNo Use Allowed
Marijuana20 Lifetime Uses*
* Age provision for marijuanaMaximum 5 uses since age 21

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