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Youth Conservation Corps (YCC)

General Information

This unique program is for students who are interested in environmental conservation and park preservation. Be part of something special! This year YCC is focusing on the installation of an All Sensory Trail.
  • The YCC program will be led by one (1) college intern and accommodate up to five (5) youth, grades middle through high school (ages 12 - 17) per week.
  • The dates of the program are July 8th – July 26th; 9:00am – 3:00pm
  • The fees are 1 week $30 or 2 weeks $50 (fee cover admin and t-shirt cost).
  • Applicants must complete the YCC application and submit a two (2) paragraph (minimum) essay about the importance of conservation in community parks and their experience with conservation or community projects.
  • YCC Application


It is the hopes of the Department to maintain an ongoing YCC throughout the year to include meetings every 3rd Saturday of the month in order to tackle park issues and solve conservation problems.

2013 Projects Include:

  • Installation of an All Sensory Trail
  • The Creation of an All Sensory experience. Utilizing, plants, signage, tree bark and sound, the YCC will create an All Sensory experience for the visitors of Lake Waterford Park
  • Installing rain barrels on the park office building
  • Creating habitat opportunities by making and installing bat boxes and owl boxes
  • Trail improvements which include shutting off trails to discourage off trail traffic, creating clear blazes for the public to follow, and maintaining a clear walking path along the trail
  • The research and installation of signage in order to educate the public about the importance of not throwing items in park restroom toilets, sinks and lake
  • Creating a creative Geocache to be placed within the park and registering the Geocache on line

Youth Conservation Corps: Intern Led Pilot

The Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) is a program run out of Lake Waterford Park in Pasadena, Maryland.  The Park is located at the headwaters of the Magothy River, and sits 3.66 miles from Earleigh Heights Ranger Station, which is located on Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks property and sits within the Historic Captain John Smith Trail.  Uniquely, Lake Waterford Park has an adaptive baseball field to accommodate citizens with special needs and youth of all abilities.  The park hosts many adaptive recreation programs such as challenger baseball, lacrosse/soccer, tennis, and kickball.  The close proximity of both the Earleigh Heights Ranger Station and Lake Waterford Park is an example of direct stewardship for both the historic aspect of the state of Maryland and the ecological awareness of the sensitivity of the Chesapeake Bay Estuary.  Lake Waterford Park and it’s programs serve all socioeconomic groups of all cultures and is often a location for large community outreach projects.
The YCC will concentrate on completing one (1) major conservation or community outreach project and one (1) historical or educational project during their week of service.  Each week the YCC will work on incorporating conservation best practices to align with the Watershed Stewards Academy’s teaching and utilize 21st century technology to document their activities and achievements!  An YCC website is being created to encourage ongoing participation and interaction during the program.  The website will allow the public to see pictures, stories and feedback about the program.  Facebook and Twitter updates will also be utilized before, during and after the three (3) weeks of service.
The YCC will also visit off site locations which are within the Chesapeake Watershed, to include Ft. Smallwood Park in Pasadena, and Kinder Farm Park in Millersville.  At these sites the YCC will engage in volunteer activities, such as beach cleanup and historic restoration, as well as fun outdoor activities.  Some of the activities will be seining in Rock Creek and water quality testing in both sites.





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