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Recreation and Parks - Volunteer Opportunities  


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Recreation Programs and Parks Volunteer Opportunities

From planting a tree or gardens to special events, volunteers play an important role in assisting in the delivery of services to the community. Share your expertise or develop new skills, we are interested in your leadership to enhance our programs and services.

 School Year Adaptive Sports Volunteer Positions
 Parks and Trails Volunteer and Friends Groups
School Year Adaptive Sports Volunteer Positions
Volunteer athletes, coaches and caring individuals needed to work with Special Needs youth in our Adaptive Sports programs. Must be 14 years old and willing to volunteer for the length of the programs.  This is a Service Learning opportunity. Kroll Background check required for those over 18. For additional information and to apply, contact Wendy Scarborough at (410) 222-7313 ext. 3554.
Parks and Trails Volunteer and Friends Groups

Anne Arundel County Trails

 Friends of Anne Arundel County Trails 
Promote, protect and enhance the Trails.

Trailblazers are members of a volunteer patrol group that assist the park rangers in helping make the Trails safe and enjoyable. 

Downs Park
Friends of Downs Park Facebook Page
The Friends of Downs Park is a non-profit (501c3) organization of volunteers who support Downs Park through their volunteer, fundraising and advocacy efforts. Contact Downs Park at (410) 222-6230.

General's Highway Athletic Association, Inc.

 General's Highway Environmental Project (GHEP)
The Generals Highway Environmental Project fulfills a vision for Generals Highway Corridor Park.

Hancock's Resolution

 Friends of Hancock's Resolution
Historic London Town & Gardens
 Historic London Town & Gardens
Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary
 Friends of Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary
Kinder Farm Park

 Friends of Kinder Farm Park
The Friends of Kinder Farm Park, Inc. is a park advocacy group that supports the park through fund-raising and volunteer activities.

Quiet Waters Park

 Friends of Quiet Waters Park



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