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Girls Field Hockey

Sports Supervisor:      Donna Liberto  (410) 222-7865 
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FALL Season Online Registration Begins:   July 10, 2013
    Late Fee: A late fee of $25 will be accessed to all payments received after August 16, 2013.

League:     Sticklettes, PeeWee, Middies & Juniors
Registration Fees:     Sticklettes - $80 per team  
                                      PeeWee, Middie & Junior  -  $120 per team
                                 Out of county teams please add an additional  $100 per team
Season Start:      Saturday, September 7, 2013
Registration Information - Coaches/Commissioners
Fall 2013 Schedules

              JUNIORS          MIDDIES          PEE WEES        STICKLETTES 
                    Blade                    3rd Party               Attack                   Giggles
                    Indian Dribble         Bully                     Dodge                  Lolipops
                    Jab                        Drive                    High Stick              Pigtails
                    Lunge                    Flick                     Push In                 Ribbons

2013 Junior / Middie Playoff Schedules
                        Playoff Overtime Rules

  Junior "Think Pink"                                    Middie "Courage"

  Junior "Fight Like a Girl"                           Middie "Positively"

  Junior  "I Pink I Can"                                 Middie "Save the ta tas"



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