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Girls Field Hockey

Sports Supervisor:      Georgette Shalhoup (410) 222-7865 
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FALL Season

Team registrations and payment are due to Recreation & Parks on or before August 18, 2015.
    Late Fee:  A late fee of $25 will be accessed to all payments and registrations received
                    after August 18, 2015.  League placement will be subject to availability!

League:     Sticklettes, PeeWee, Middies & Juniors
Registration Fees:     Sticklettes - $80 per team  
                                  PeeWee, Middie & Junior  -  $120 per team
                                 Out of county teams please add an additional  $100 per team
Commissioners Meeting:  August 19, 2015
                         Time:        6:00 pm
                         Location:   Recreation & Parks Headquarters,
                                           1 Harry S Truman Parkway, Annapolis, MD
Season Start:      Weekend of August 29, 2015
Registration Information - Coaches/Commissioners
Fall 2015 Schedules  
2015 Junior & Middie Playoff Schedules
Junior AMiddie A
Junior BMiddie B
Junior CMiddie C







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