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 Youth Baseball

Sports Supervisor:      Jeff Porter / Pete Medhurst  (410) 222-7865 
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Team registrations and payment are due to Recreation & Parks on or before March 9, 2015
    Late Fee: A late fee of $25 may be accessed to all payments received after March 9, 2015.

Registration Fees:     Anne Arundel County Teams  -  $150.00 per team  
                                     Out of County Teams     -    $250.00 per team
                            Plus umpire fees paid on the field prior to the start of each game. 
Season Start:     April 13, 2015
Umpire Fees: Paid on the field by teams prior to the start of each game
             9U, 10U              -   TBD
        11U, 12U, 13U, 14U  -   TBD 
MSABC - Youth Baseball Coaches Clinic (Click here for flyer and information)
Registration Information - Coaches/Commissioners




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