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Summer Youth Sports Camps

Organized Sports Program

Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks sponsors league play in a variety of sports with the objective of providing recreational opportunities for youth and adults Anne Arundel County citizens. The principals of participation, diversity, safety and fun guide the programs of the Department. While scores are reported and standings kept, the competitive aspects of these activities are secondary to these principles.



Youth Sports
Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks youth sport programs are a mutual endeavor between the Department and Athletic Associations throughout the county. Children must be at least eight (8) years old in order to participate in the county's organized sports leagues.


How do I register my child to play organized sports?
There are approximately over 100 Recreation Councils and Athletic Associations throughout Anne Arundel County, which organize teams to enter participants in the Department's organized sports leagues. In order to contact your community’s Recreation Councils or Athletic Association please visit the Resource Links section in this site. With the exception of a few sports, the Department does not register or assign individual players to teams. Established teams register with the Department at our organizational team meetings.


How do I find out about what type of sport activities are offered? 


Where can I find information on the Department's policies?
Read the Department's Guidelines & Reference Manual.


Adult Sports
The Department's adult sports programs provide opportunities for lifelong enjoyment of organized physical activity. Adults must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the program. Organized team meetings for each sport season are held to allow teams to register and collect needed information and guidelines. To view the Department's Adult Sport Leagues please follow this link.


Athletic Facilities
The Department's Facility Superintendents and Sports Complex Supervisors coordinate programs at our athletic facilities. The athletic facilities include: Arundel Olympic Swim Center, Bachman Sports Complex, Joe Cannon Stadium, Lake Waterford Park & Adaptive Recreation ComplexNorth Arundel Aquatic Center and Randazzo Softball Park
Questions about organized sports program call 410-222-7865 or email



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