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Boy's Lacrosse

Sport Supervisor:   Georgette Shalhoup   (410) 222-7865 | Contact Us
Season Begins:   April 5, 2014
Team Registration Fees:
Clinic      $ 80.00 plus officials fees
                                         Others    $120.00 plus officials fees
Team Registration and Payment are due to Recreation and Parks on or before March 10, 2014          *   Forms can be found below under Coaches Information.
Officials Fees :    Clinic:  $45 per game (1 official),  PeeWee:  $50 per official (2 per game),
                           Middies:  $55 per official (2 per game),  Junior:  $55 per official (2 per game)  

Games will be played Monday through Sunday's depending on age levels and field availability.

Player Eligibility Age:   Players age on or before September 1, 2014    


2015 SCHEDULES  will be posted approximately one week prior to the season start.


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