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Winter Boy's Basketball - 8U - 13U

Sport Supervisor:   Joe Hayden (410) 222-7865 | Contact Us

Team Registration Fee:  8U & 9U     $ 460.00 per team
                                      All Others   $ 510.00 per team

School Closure/No Use Schedule for 2014-2015
Team Registration and Payment are due to Recreation and Parks
            8-13 Year Old Boys/Girls Teams  -  November 14, 2014
          14-17 Year Old Boys/Girls Teams  -  November 21, 2014
Payments received after the above dates may be subject to a late fee of $25 per team.

*   Forms can be found below under Coaches Information.
Season Start Date:     8-13 Year Old Leagues -  December 6, 2014
                                  14-15 Year Old Leagues - December 14, 2014
Eligibility Age:   Players age on or before September 1, 2014     Example:  to play in the 10U league, a player may not turn 11 before 9/1/14  (players must be 8 years old before the player can compete in a County league)

2014-2015 SCHEDULES    Revised schedules have been posted.
Select the age group under the league classification to view the schedule in PDF format.

NOTE:  A/B league games from 1/24/15 will NOT be rescheduled.


8U AB-1 11UA
8U AB-211U B-1
8U C11U B-2
 11U C-1
9U A

11U C-2

9U B1 
9U B212U A
9U C112U B-1
9U C212U B-2
 12U C-1
10U AB112U C-2
10U AB2 
10U C113U A
10U C213U B-1
10U C313U B-2
 13U C-1
 13U C-2
 13U C-3



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