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Spring Field Hockey - Middie & Juniors

Sport Supervisor:   Georgette Shalhoup  (410) 222-7865 | Contact Us

Season Start:     April 27, 2014

Registration Fee:    $65.00 per individual player
           Due to Recreation & Parks on/or Before Monday, March 17, 2014

Registered players will be placed on teams as determined by the Recreation & Parks Staff.  If there is a particular team you wish to be placed on please be sure to indicate this on your registration.
Eligibility Age:   These are Middie and Junior leagues based on the players grade as of August 2014.
                                    Middie = incoming 5th/6th grade
                                    Junior = incoming 7th/8th grade
League Structure:   7 v 7

Game Locations:    TBD

SCHEDULES  will be posted approximately one week prior to season start.



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