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Managed Hunt Program

Managed hunt scheduled for October 11, 2013 is cancelled due to inclement weather.
Currently the 2013-2014 Deer Management Program has reached the capacity limit to accept new hunter and returning applicants.

The Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks (AADRP) is pleased to announce that it will now be accepting applications for its Managed Hunt program on a continuous basis.

Persons wishing to participate in our management efforts may apply at anytime during the year. Qualified applicants will be contacted and scheduled for an in person interview.



Notes about the 2013-2014 Hunt Season

The exact season dates and culling restrictions are being finalized.  
The primary goal is to manage an overabundant deer population.  Hunters are strongly urged to harvest as many antlerless deer as they can take safely and humanely.
Participating hunters are required to provide their own climbing or ladder stand and required safety equipment.


Our selection of hunters will be based on each hunter having the credentials listed below, completing an Application and Hunter Questionnaire and being interviewed by the Hunter Selection Committee.

All previous year Anne Arundel County managed hunt participants in good standing are pre-approved and need only submit a returning hunter application, background check authorization and the administrative fee. All applicants will be subject to records checks through the Maryland Natural Resources Police and State and Local Police.

All hunters who are contemplating participation in the AADRP hunt must be aware that we are very discerning in our selection of hunters. This hunt is being conducted as a natural resource management tool, not a recreational program, and we are dedicated to assuring the safety of the residents in the area and the participating hunters, as well as the humane treatment of the deer.

Rules and Regulations

2013 - 2014 Rules and Regulations


All hunters must provide the following with their completed application:

  • Proof of Maryland residency (MD License or ID, or Military ID and residency proof).
  • Valid Photo I.D.
  • A $25.00 non-refundable administrative processing fee (payable to: Anne Arundel County). (Pre-approved hunters must submit an application and pay this fee as well).
  • Completed background check authorization form (included in packet) and a separate $7.00 check payable to: Anne Arundel County.

Hunter Interview: Qualified applicants will be contacted and scheduled for an in person interview. Once passing the interview process, accepted applicants will also need to provide the following before they will be allowed to participate in a hunt:

  • $50 Registration Fee
  • Valid Hunter Safety Card
  • Valid 2013-2014 Maryland Hunting License

Shotgun/Muzzleloader Hunters: A 2013-2014 Maryland Shooter Qualification Card must be obtained prior to the date of the first hunt for the weapon type(s) to be used during the hunt. 


For additional information please contact Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks Deer Management Program at




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