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Online Registration Instructions for Rec Programs

Click on the Register Online link (left side menu bar - top).

To the right of Register Online, two boxes will appear. Top box will read Program Registration. Lower box will read Park Facility Registration.

To register for Programs, click on Program Registration. When registering for a program or making a payment, remember to use the navigational buttons provided. If you hit "enter", it will send you in a loop.

If you are a new participant and have not set up a "Participant Account", you will need to click on "Manage Account" and create a "New Participant Account". Each person you would like to register will need a participant account. You may use the same email address and password for each participant. If you are having trouble creating a new account, please read the directions for "Creating A New Participant Account".

Click on Programs & Activities (If summer, you may also click on either Camps or Summer Fun Centers).
Choosing a program:
  • Select a category from the Recreation Program Categories list. 
  • Click a program row for registration selection. (If the availably capacity reads “0”, register for the wait list and contact the Registration Office to verify). 

- OR -

  • Enter the program number directly and click on submit (DO NOT push the enter key or you will be looped back to the beginning of the registration process). 

Customer Login: Enter your email address and password and then click on "Login".

Recreation Program Registration Search Results: Click on the participant you wish to register. Your information should be automatically entered into the program registration. All field's marked with a red asterik must be completed. Click on submit.

Verifying the data: You will need to verify all the information is correct. If there is an error, it will be displayed at the bottome of the screen. Please correct and click on Update Data. If the information is correct, please click on Submit Data.

Indemnity Statement: To continue with the registration process, you must read the statement and click on “OK”.

Registration Summary: The summary will display the participants name, phone number, the program registered for and the amount of the program. Then you will have the following options.

  • To add another person or program, click on "Programs/Activities" on the left hand menu bar. You may add up to 4 programs on 1 credit card transaction. 
  • Complete registration. When all registrations have been entered, you must click on “Complete Registration”.
  • Cancel registration. To cancel a registration, select the registration row and click on “Cancel Registration”. 

Information: This screen provides information in reference to the credit card transaction, the phone number for the different divisions and the refund policy. You must click on "OK" to continue to the payment screen.

For questions, please contact the Registration Office at (410) 222-7313 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.




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