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Dance (Ages 2 to 18)

Recreation Programs

Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks is pleased to provide you the flexibility of online registration. If you are new to our programs, please take a moment to review our general information and policies by selecting the links provided in the Quick Links box.

For additional Information contact the Registration Office (410) 222-7313 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. or by e-mail.
About Dance Program
Before attending a dance class, please read the Dance Attire and Welcome Letter (below). If you have questions about the dance program please e-mail us at
2015 Dance Recital Schedule
Friday, May 22 and Saturday, May 23, 2015
* Students have the option of participating in the spring recital. There will be an additional fee for costumes which may be paid online. 


The following changes to instructor have been made for the Winter session:  The new instructor for Little Dancers I, Little Dancers II and Jazz at Broadneck High School is Heather Harris.  The new instructor for Ballerina Princesses, Little Dancers I, Little Dancers II and Beginner Ballet and Tap at SCRC is Maggie McCaig.



Additional Dance Class have been added (program numbers in red).  Changes and Updates are in Red
Class NameAgeCostLocationDayTimeStartsProgram #
Ballerina Princesses3-5$50Annapolis High SchoolSat9:00-9:45amJan 17231002 - Canceled
Advanced Hip Hop11-14$120North County Rec CenterTue6:45-7:30pmJan 13234172
Ballerina Princesses3-5$50Annapolis High SchoolSat9:00-9:45amFeb 28231072 - Canceled
Beginner Baller/Tap7-10$105Severna Park MSMon7:30-8:30pmJan 12242022
Little Dancers I4-5$120Annapolis High SchoolSat9:45-10:30amJan 17231012 - Canceled
Little Dancers II5-6$120Annapolis High SchoolSat10:30-11:15amJan 17231022 - Canceled
Adv Beg Tap and Ballet I6-7$135Annapolis High SchoolSat11:15am-12:15pmJan 17231032 - Canceled
Little Dancers I4-5$100/12 wksSouth County Senior CenterMon5:00-5:45pmJan 12232002 - Canceled
Little Dancers II5-6$100/12 wksSouth County Senior CenterMon6:00-6:45pmJan 12232012
Modern I7-12$100/12 wksSouth County Senior CenterMon6:45-7:30pmJan 12232022
Pre-Pointe13-18$100/12 wksSouth County Senior CenterMon8:00-8:45pmJan 12232032 - Canceled
Jazz7-11$100/12 wksSouth County Senior CenterMon6:30-7:15pmJan 12232042 - Canceled
Adv Beg Tap, Ballet, Jazz II7-10$155/15 wksNorth County Rec CenterThu5:30-6:45pmJan 15237042
Inter Tap, Ballet, Jazz I/II8-12$180/15 wksNorth County Rec CenterThu6:45-8:15pmJan 15



Ballerina Princesses3-5$50/6wksSouth County Rec CenterMon4:00-4:45pmJan 12244002
Ballerina Princesses3-5$50/6wksSouth County Rec CenterMon4:00-4:45pmMar 9244003
Ballerina Princesses3-5$50/6wksSouth County Senior CenterTue5:00-5:45pmJan 13244012
Ballerina Princesses3-5 $50/6wksSouth County Senior CenterTues5:00-5:45pmFeb 24244022
Little Dancers I*4-5$100/12wksSouth County Rec CenterMon4:45-5:30pmJan 12244032
Little Dancers I*4-5$120/15wksSouth County Senior CenterTue5:45-6:30pmJan 13244042
Little Dancers I*4-5$120/15wksSouth County Rec CenterFri5:00-5:45pmJan 16244052
Little Dancers II*5-6$100/12wksSouth County Rec CenterMon5:30-6:15pmJan 12244062
Little Dancers II*5-6$120/15wiksSouth County Senior CenterTue6:30-7:15pmJan 13244072
Ballet I*5-7$120/15wksSouth County Senior CenterTue7:15-8:00pmJan 13244082
Ballet I*5-7$120/15wksSouth County Rec CenterFri5:45-6:30pmJan 16244092
Ballet II*7-9$120/15wksSouth County Rec CenterFri6:30-7:15pmJan 16244102
Ballet III*10-12$135/15wksSouth County Rec CenterFri7:15-8:15pmJan 16 244112
Adult Ballet16+$105/12wksSouth County Senior CenterTue8:00-9:00pmJan 13244122
Little Dancers I4-5$120/15 wksSouth County Rec CenterWed6:30-7:15pmJan 14236062
Hip Hop I7-11$120/15wksPascal Senior CenterFri5:45-6:30pmJan 16239142



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