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BioFitness - Group Exercise

Recreation Programs

Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks is pleased to provide you the flexibility of online registration. If you are new to our programs, please take a moment to review our general information and policies by selecting the links provided in the Quick Links box.

For additional Information contact the Registration Office (410) 222-7313 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. or by e-mail.
About BioFitness
This fitness class is a fun and invigorating way to add cardio exercise to your routine! This 60-minute workout also has toning, core conditioning and exercises to strengthen the various muscles groups. The cardio segment starts with a warm-up and continues easy to follow, carefully choreographed routines that provide a fun way to condition the cardiovascular system. Our classes feature a non-competitive atmosphere.
For more information visit BioFitness website or call 410-956-1084
Ages 18 - up
$68 - 7 weeks (14 classes)
$38 - 7 weeks (7 classes)
BioFitness Cardio Fit (High/Low)
A complete fitness program that conditions the cardiovascular system and tones and strengthens major muscle groups. The combination of high and low impact dances includes mat and floor exercises. If you love to dance and want to tone and strengthen your body, this is the class for you!
BioFitness Cardio Fit (Low Impact)
Same format as the high/low classes, but strictly low-impact and gentle on the joints.
BioFitness Tone & Firm
This workout uses resistance devices, optional to the student, to increase muscle strength and endurance. Tone major muscle groups increase flexibility and improve total body appearance. This class is designed primarily for those looking for mat/floor exercise.
**November Monday/Wednesday classes have been postponed and will begin on November 9th.  The November session at Benfield ES has been changed due to school functions. The Benfield class will be 7 Days for $38.

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