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Anne Arundel County Trails


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Maps to Anne Arundel County Trails

B & A Trail, BWI Trail and WB&A Trail Maps

Amenities and Facilities

Paved Trail 
Natural Areas
Gazbos (Hatton Regester Green and Babbington Green)
Picnic Areas
Playground (Tom Dixon Aircraft Observation Area)
Fishing (Jonas Green Park)
Parking Lots
Anne Arundel County is building an extensive network of recreation and transportation trails for its citizens. Our trails are the most heavily used facilities in the department and annually host more than 2 million visits. Two of the developing national trails, the East Coast Greenway and the American Discovery Trail intersect in Anne Arundel County. Citizens and visitors can enjoy a trip on the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail, Broadneck Peninsula Trail, the BWI Trail that circles BWI International Airport in Linthicum, or the WB&A Trail in Odenton.
All forms of human powered transportation are allowed including walking, jogging, inline skating and skateboarding, cycling, and in some areas equestrian sports. Electric Wheelchairs and Electric Medical Assistance Devices (EMADs) are also allowed. Use of an EMAD requires the operator to have a department permit. See a Park Ranger or call the Ranger Station for information on an EMAD permit.
The Chesapeake Bay is a vast area of extraordinary beauty, biological diversity and human history. It has inspired, challenged, and tested those who have sailed its waters or traversed its lands. To learn more visit the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network.
Procedures for Photography Sessions
The Anne Arundel County Trails are a unit of the Park Operations Division of the Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks.
Image: AACo Recreation and Parks

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