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Get Involved with Anne Arundel County Trails

The Friends of Anne Arundel County Trails
The Friends mission is to “promote, protect and enhance” the trail system in Anne Arundel County. In accomplishing their mission they have initiated several unique and exciting volunteer and enhancement opportunities. One popular program they run is the ‘Adopt a flowerbed’ program. Flowerbed volunteers help to keep the trails beautiful by tending the flowerbeds and landscaped gardens throughout the trail system. Visit their website at to learn more.
Trailblazers are members of a volunteer patrol group that assist the park rangers in helping make the Anne Arundel County Trails safe and enjoyable. They serve as extra eyes and ears on the trail. There are two main responsibilities of a Trailblazer: education and assistance. Upon admission into the program, the volunteers receive training that enables them to answer common questions patrons may have about the trails, as well as how to look for safety hazards. Trailblazers learn basic park operations and promote proper trail use and safety. They are known as the trails’ “Goodwill Ambassadors”. The B&A, WB&A, and BWI are the three trails that are patrolled. Patrol of the trails can be done in a variety of ways: biking, jogging, walking, rollerblading, by wheelchair, or even skating. Come be a Trailblazer!  
For more information visit the Earleigh Heights Ranger Station on the B&A Trail at 51 West Earleigh Heights Road, Severna Park or call 410-222-6244.

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