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Bacon Ridge Natural Area Stewardship Committee

Management Plan Workshop
The Stewardship Committee hosted Management Plan Workshops, led by the National Park Service.
Purpose of the Committee
The Stewardship Committee provided recommendations to the Department of Recreation and Parks and offer direction for the implementation of the Bacon Ridge Natural Area conservation easement. The conservation easement prescribes guidelines to preserve the scenic, rural and natural character of the property and allow public access and passive recreation.
The Stewardship Committee consisted of representatives from the Scenic Rivers Land Trust, South River Federation and the South River Greenway Steering Committee, in addition to three residents of the South River watershed who are knowledgeable in environmental conservation and planning.
Bacon Ridge Natural Area in the South River Greenway
The Bacon Ridge Natural Area is County-owned or managed land that has been protected because of its natural or cultural significance.
Bacon Ridge Natural Area Stewardship Committee

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