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Bacon Ridge Natural Area Management Plan Workshop

Purpose of the Management Plan Workshop
Our project will make a significant block of forest area available for the public to enjoy, while preserving its natural characteristics. This park location is within 45 minutes of Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington, and is one of the few natural areas in the greater Annapolis area. Six hundred thirty acres of the property are permanently protected with a conservation easement, and an additional 330 acres will be managed as conservation property. The Stewardship Committee has already ruled out active recreation, impervious surfaces, motorized recreation, and other uses not compatible with the property‚Äôs natural attributes.
Projected Outcomes and Products
  • A site analysis to graphically depict existing natural and manmade conditions
  • A Land Bay Map to graphically delineate areas of the site according to the development potential in order to recommend suitable locations for various activities
  • Proposed management strategies for sensitive habitats and provisions for invasive species control and removal

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