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Bacon Ridge Natural Area

Bacon Ridge Natural Area (BRNA)
in the South River Greenway

Bacon Ridge Natural Area
Scenic Rivers Land Trust Walk for the Woods
Access to Bacon Ridge Natural Area is through special events throughout the year. Events are organized by Anne Arundel County or by other organizations.

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Natural Area
Natural Trails
Historic Cemetery
Bacon Ridge Natural Area
The Bacon Ridge Natural Area (BRNA) is a natural area in Crownsville, Maryland owned by Anne Arundel County. Since 2009, the County Department of Recreation and Parks has purchased hundreds of acres of forest surrounding this parcel. The most recent Anne Arundel County acquisition is the 547-acre forest, which was previously part of the Crownsville State Hospital bringing the total size of the natural area to nearly 1,000 acres.
The BRNA will become a passive recreation park for hiking, nature study, and other non-intensive uses. The central 630 acres are permanently protected from development through a conservation easement between the County, Maryland Environmental Trust, and Scenic Rivers Land Trust. The conservation easement restricts the activities to passive recreational uses. Paved trails, active recreation, high-impact use, athletic fields or golf courses are prohibited in the conservation easement property. Off-road motorized vehicles and motorbikes will not be allowed in the park in order to preserve the integrity of the forest and soil/water quality. Activities outside of the conservation easement property will complement activities permitted by the conservation easement.



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