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Image: Lake Waterford Park

Outdoor Pavilions at Lake Waterford Park

Lake Waterford Park is a family community park which offers has three pavilions to rent. Reservations must be made in advance. Groups of 20 - 100 people must reserve a pavilion to hold a picnic at the park. The large pavilion (100 capacity) is located in the picnic area near the playground. The park also has two smaller pavilions (50 capacity) that are located near the lake in a more secluded area of the woods. There is no electricity at any of the pavilions at Lake Waterford Park. Lake Waterford Park is an alcohol free park.
Note: Groups of 20 to 100 and groups of 20 or less must follow the park pavilion rules and regulations
For pavilion rental information please call 410-222-7313.

Each pavilion has assorted picnic tables and grills. 

Blue Jay (large pavilion for 100 capacity)
Chickadee (small pavilion for 50 capacity)
Goldfinch (small pavilion for 50 capacity)
Pavilion Rental Fees
PLEASE NOTE: There is no electricity at any of the pavilions at Lake Waterford Park.
Large Pavilion - Blue Jay$180.00 per day
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays (9:00 a.m. - dusk); Limit 100 people
Large Pavilion - Blue Jay$100.00 per day
Monday through Thursday; Limit 100 people 
Small Pavilions - Chickadee and Goldfinch$100.00 per day
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays (9:00 a.m. - dusk); Limit 50 people
Small Pavilions - Chickadee and Goldfinch$60.00 per day
Monday through Thursday; Limit 50 people
Reservation Permit Rules
Reservation permit will be issued subject to the following:
1. This permit is for a maximum of 100 persons for the large pavilion and 50 persons for the small pavilions.

2. There is no refund for cancellations.

3. NO ALCOHOL of any kind. Any violation of this policy will result in the group’s expulsion from the park.

4. There is no electricity or running water at the pavilions. It is suggested that the rental party visit the site prior to requesting a permit.

5. All park regulations must be obeyed. 

6. All vehicles must park in designated parking areas. Do not drive or park on the grass.

7. Use of the park for commercial profit functions is not permitted.

8. Amplified sound equipment and generators are not permitted.

9. Balloons and confetti are prohibited. Nails, thumbtacks, staples, etc. may not be used. Masking and transparent tape are allowed. All decorations must be removed at the end of the event.

10. Canopies, moon bounces and tents are not permitted.

11. The pavilion and surrounding area must be left clean and must be cleared ½ hour before posted closing time. Large amount of food waste and especially crab waste must be removed off site by park visitor. Please recycle all cans, bottles, plastic containers in appropriate marker container.

12. The Park Manager must approve any additional activities not specified in the permit in advance. NO REFUNDS. NO RAIN DATES.

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