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Kinder Farm Park

Horseback Riding at Kinder Farm Park

Horseback riding is permitted at Kinder Farm Park on our unpaved trails. A small parking area for horse trailers is provided for your convenience.
Please call the park office at 410-222-6115 to schedule your visit.
Equestrian Use Policy
Kinder Farm Park believe that this use can continue provided a few common sense rules are followed.  The last thing that we wish to happen is for a thoughtless act to cause this resource to be made off limits to equestrians. The following will help to ensure that a long and satisfying relationship between the equestrian community and Kinder Farm Park can continue.
Park hours are from 7:00 a.m. until dusk daily. All visitors must be out of the park at the posted closing time.
Riding is limited to horses, ponies and mules. Carts and wagons are not permitted. Make sure your horse has the temperament and training for riding on congested public trails. Busy multi-use trails are not the place for schooling green horses.
Trailers must be parked in our horse trailer parking lot. Ask the gate attendant for the combination to that gate. Please close the gate behind you when entering or exiting the horse trailer area. Do not clean out your trailer in this area. It is also used by our local youth groups for camping.
Ride only on the unpaved surfaces of the park. We have several miles of unpaved trails for you to enjoy. Interactions between equestrians and pedestrians, bicycles, in-line skaters and other wheeled vehicles on our paved trails and roads may lead to serious harm to either or both parties.
Riding on the park's athletic fields is prohibited. Riding on those fields will cause turf damage and may lead to field user injuries.
Riding in any crop or agricultural areas is prohibited.
Refrain from riding in the park's day-use areas. These include the playgrounds, pavilion areas and picnic areas.
We recommend against cantering or galloping your animal. Kinder is home to dozens of groundhogs and their holes are throughout the park.
If your horse needs to relieve himself, step off the trail, or kick the droppings off the trail. We appreciate and expect you to clean up after your animal, the same as every pet owner. Please be courteous and remember that by cleaning up after your horse, you are helping to keep the park clean and safe.
Remember that other trail users may not be familiar with horses or their reactions to new experiences. Your horse may be another trail user’s introduction to horses, what you do is a reflection of the local horse community. Cheerfully answer questions about your horse. You are an ambassador for the entire equestrian community.
Failure to adhere to these rules will cause your expulsion and the loss of your riding privileges in the park. 
Please contact the park office for any horseback riding questions. Call 410-222-6115.

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