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Fort Smallwood Park Fees


As of July 1st 2014 Annual Permits cost $30 instead of $40 per vehicle.


Daily Entry Fees

Daily Vehicle Parking Fee: $6.00 per vehicle
Daily Vehicle Parking Fee - Physically Challenged: $5.00 per vehicle
(MVA handicapped tags or hanging permit required)
Daily Vehicle Parking - Service Connected Military Individuals, Veterans and their Families: Free per vehicle (Service connected I.D. required)
Annual Vehicle Entry Permit (January 1 through December 31): $40.00 per vehicle
Lifetime Senior Citizen Pass: $40.00 per person (Age 60 and over)  
Daily Parking Fee - Buses (schools only): $30.00 per bus
Replacement Permits: $3.00 per vehicle
If your vehicle is sold or involved in an accident and the current year parking permit sticker needs to be replaced, remove the parking permit sticker from the vehicle and return it to the park office to receive a replacement.
Vehicles entering the park must either display a valid yearly/ lifetime permit or pay the daily vehicle entry fees. The yearly permit is a small sticker which is permanently affixed to the driver's side front bumper of the vehicle. Persons age 60 and over may obtain a lifetime vehicle entry permit which is a card that must be shown along with valid ID to gain vehicle entry.
Senior Passes and Annual Permits apply for Downs Park, Kinder Farm Park and Quiet Waters Park. There are also daily fees for those not wishing to obtain a yearly permit. Vehicle entry permits may be obtained at the gatehouse. Contact park office for additional information at 410-222-6230.
Park Rental Fees
Large Pavilion - Cedar: $180.00 per day
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: (9:00 a.m. - dusk); Limit 100 people; All park entry fees apply to pavilion guest unless "pre-paid parking" is purchased
Large Pavilion - Cedar: $100.00 per day
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: (9:00 a.m. - dusk); Limit 100 people; All park entry fees apply to pavilion guest unless "pre-paid parking" is purchased
Prepaid Parking - Cedar: $160.00 per day
Covers vehicle entry fees for everyone attending an event.

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