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Hammond's Connection at the Dairy Farm Master Plan

On December 17, 2008 the Dairy Farm Advisory Committee approved the Preliminary Master Plan for Hammond's Connection at the Dairy Farm. The Preliminary Master Plan was presented at public meeting on Wednesday, February 18, 2009. After receiving favorable public comments, the Master Plan was approved by Anne Arundel County.
Hammond's Connection Phase 1 Design Documents
The design documents for Phase 1 of Hammond's Connection werer reviewed by various Anne Arundel County Departments.
Hammond's Connection at the Dairy Farm Master Plan Report
Forest Stand Delineation
As part of the development of the Hammond's Connection Master Plan, a forest stand delineation was conducted to document the forests on the site and the diversity of trees found there. One requirement of the report is to identify and map "Specimen Trees," those trees that are greater than 30" in diameter at breast height (dbh.) Over the 176 acres surveyed, 130 Specimen Trees were identified.

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