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Hammond's Connection at the Dairy Farm

Hammond's Connection at the Dairy Farm

Hammond's Connection at the Dairy Farm
100 Dairy Lane
Gambrills, MD 21054
Park Hours: To be determined
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Dairy Farm News
Hammond's Connection at the Dairy Farm
A portion of the 857-acre Dairy Farm will become a 176-acre public park. Over 140 of these acres were part of the 300-acre estate formerly known as “Hammond’s Connection.” To recognize the important history of the Hammond Family, and to differentiate the public access area from the farm operations, the park was named Hammond’s Connection at the Dairy Farm
Open Days and Special Events
Hammond’s Connection will be open during special events for visitors to reconnect with the land through a variety of activities. 
Hammond's Connection at the Dairy Farm
Gardens will be a major feature of Hammond’s Connection. Another significant component will be the extensive areas of habitat restoration, including reforestation, stream restoration and creation of a 15-acre meadow. Park amenities will include picnic pavilions, a small playground, and overlooks to view wildlife and the farm.
Farming at the Dairy Farm
Over 600 acres remain in active agriculture. Currently Maryland Sunrise Farm leases the land to grow vegetables for local consumption, operates a farm based CSA, raises beef, sells hay, corn and soybeans, and hosts seasonal farm events including school and group tours.

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