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Draft List of Committee Comments for the Preliminary Master Plan Report

General Dairy Farm Site

1. Stream restoration efforts should be taken on both Jabez and Towser’s Branch tributaries flowing through the Dairy Farm.
2. Stormwater management will contribute to stream restoration projects and improvement of water quality.
3. The farming operation should  remain organic.
4. The roads on the Dairy Farm site will be considered historic elements and should remain.
5. A 300’ wooded buffer should be established along Towser’s Branch.
6. A Phase II Archaeology Study will be required prior to any development of Hammond’s Connection. Beyond that, archaeology programs need to be established for the public to participate in. A research program should be established to study the Hammond family, farming activities, activities of Native, white and African American individuals.  The information should be displayed and presented to the public.
7. Fencing should be placed between the active farming operation and Hammond’s Connection.  The type of fencing provided should be typical of a farm.
8. Any activity must result in an improvement of water quality of Towser’s Branch.
9. A Solar Farm should be considered for the area adjacent to the BGE substation.

Hammond’s Connection

10. Hammond’s Connection and associated elements should remain predominately rural & natural in character.
11. Pervious paving solutions should be used for the roadways, parking areas & trails.  The existing roadways will be shared with the farming operation.
12. More than the required handicap parking spaces should be provided on this site.
13. The hike/bike trail should be wide enough to accommodate multiple users and should have a connection to the South Shore trail, to the Odenton Natural Area and if possible to the adjoining schools.
14. Storyboards along the trails and throughout the site should identify plant and wildlife, water management features & the historic significance of the site.
15. Sculptures could be located with in the various gardens and along the trail system.
16. Benches and individual picnic tables should be located around the site. Grills should be located only at the Picnic Pavilions.
17. The Community Garden plots should be organic.
18. The various types of gardens that have been suggested include:
Kitchen garden
Crop garden
Bio-fuel garden
Pollination (butterfly), garden/ butterfly house
Children’s garden
Sensory garden
Native theme gardens
Herb/ medicinal gardens
Stormwater management demonstration
Aquatic gardens
Arboretum of native trees and shrubs
Historic gardens (i.e. tobacco)
Wildlife gardens

19. New structures on site should be green buildings where possible.
20. Small portable passive greenhouses and cold frames may be an added feature.
21. The orchard should not be any larger than a half acre and the suggested crops are Asian pears, crabapples, sour cherries, walnuts as they are not as intensive to maintain and deer don’t seem to destroy the trees as easily as apple trees.
22. Berry patches should be provided.  Suggest locating them in shrub borders along the perimeters of wooded areas.  Fall bearing raspberries and blackberries were suggested crops.
23. The Meadow Area should be between 15 and 25 acres to be self sustaining..
24. Other than the garden areas the reforestation and natural garden areas should be native plant material.  The forest composition should be a mix of deciduous trees and evergreens.
25. Musical events will be permitted if there is no amplification, the groups are small and performances are between dawn and dusk with exception no music before 1:00 on Sundays.  The size of the crowd attending a performance should be limited to no more than 250 people and the performance should only last a couple of hours.
26. The gravel pit should stay open both for use repairing roads and as an educational opportunity.
27. The labyrinth should become an area for quiet contemplation so surrounding features must be designed to complement this feature.
28. Natural surface foot trails will meander through the gardens and restoration areas.
29. Bee hives will be located near the Community Gardens. Hives should be accessible by vehicle for honey harvesting and maintenance.
30. The park should accommodate sledding and cross-country skiing.
31. A composting area should be available for recycling of garden materials.
32. The view from the Hammond Manor House foundation should be unobstructed to the east and west.

Village Area

Educational programs should be structured around agriculture production:
Cooking demonstrations
Butter making
Candle making
caring for farm animals as well as wildlife etc.
( Some classes could be held at Hammond’s Connection.)
34. Meeting venue for community groups should be provided.
35. A Petting Zoo in association with the farming operation.
36. Farm living experience.
37. Farm Summer Camp.
38. Continuation of festivals, corn maze, hay rides etc.
39. Continue leasing to the 4-H Dairy Club.
40. Education programs with University of Maryland Cooperative Extension.
41. Farm Museum.
42. School programs
43. The Village should be for agricultural groups and uses.

Other Suggestions

44. A butterfly house could be installed.
45. Providing an area for a dog park was suggested.
46. Opportunities for artists to paint, draw, photograph the park should be made available.
47. A barn could be re-located to Hammond’s Connection
48. A “Friends of the Park” group should be established.
49. A historically appropriate agricultural building could be relocated to Hammond’s Connection.

Not Recommended
50. Dog park for the site.
51. Equestrian trails



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