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Wooton's Landing 

Wooten's Landing

Amenities and Facilities

Natural Area
Cartop Boat Launch
Pier (floating aluminum with ramp)
Paved Trail - 0.2840 miles (estimate only)
Wildlife Viewing
Cartop Boat Launch
Water access is easy 
Longitude  76° 41’ 27.27” W
Latitude "38° 51’ 20.93” N
The put-in area to the Patuxent River is approximately 200-yards downhill from the parking area. The launch site is a small sandy spot that changes with the tide.

The park is four miles north of Patuxent Wetlands Park. The winds are calm. The shoreline is mostly wooded prior to the wetlands. The wooded areas are home to many species of trees like willows, birch, ashes, black gum and sycamores. Mumichogs and killifish may be found in the water and waters edge. Many species are very similar to those found in the Patuxent Wetlands Park.

A floating pier canoe/kayak launch is available. Citizens can drive down to the river, unload cartop boats and equipment, and park in the parking lot.

Please call 410-741-9330 for questions about the park.
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The Patuxent River is 110 miles in length and stretches from Parrs Ridge in Carroll County to the river’s mouth at Drum Point on the Chesapeake Bay. Anne Arundel County and Prince George’s County have cooperated to provide the following cartop boat sites now known as the Patuxent Water Trail
From Annapolis, take Route 2 (Solomon’s Island Road) south until you reach the circle. At the circle make a right onto Route 422 (Bayard Road). Go to the end of Bayard Road and take a right onto Sands Road. Go 3/8th of a mile and turn left into the park.

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