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Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Park

Amenities and Facilities

Natural Area 
Cartop Boat Launch 
Cartop Boat Launch and Fishing Spot 
Easy Access to Water
  • Park in the designated Parking Lot
  • Access Road is 1/4 mile long
  • Make left turn at clearing toward path to beach
  • Open Saturdays and Sundays 7AM - Posted Closing Time
  • The launch puts you out into Rock Creek
Lat. 39° 9’ 51.75” N
Lon. 76° 28’ 36.72” W
Rock Creek
Wall Cove
White Pond
Follow this link to view the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Park Master Plan.
For park information call (410) 222-6230. 

Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Park

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