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Galesville Wharf

Galesville Wharf

Amenities and Facilities

Cartop Boat Launch
Fishing (Rules & Regulations)
Paved Trail - 0.0610 miles (estimate only)
Picnic Area
Rain Garden
Restrooms (portable)
Parking Lot
Cartop Boat Launch
East Access to Water
West River
Lat. 38.84321
Lon. -76.53975
Galesville Wharf is located on the West River in a quaint, historic community. Parking is limited to eleven cars. The small park area has a fishing pier, picnic table, grill and benches. The harbor is filled with boats so canoes and kayaks need to pay special attention to boat traffic.
Fishing Spot
The Galesville Wharf is located on the West River. The pier is 170 feet long. Special rules may apply as noted. Please observe all state licensing requirements.
From Annapolis, take Route 2 (Solomon’s Island Road) south and turn left onto Route 214 (Central Ave.). Turn right onto Route 468 (Muddy Creek Road). Turn left onto Route 255 (Galesville Road). Continue on Galesville Road until it ends and turn left. The parking lot is located on the right.

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